Tilefish The tilefish is olive green or dark tan above, changing to yellow or rose on the lower sides. The back and upper sides are dotted with brilliant yellow spots, and the belly is white. The tilefish is further characterized by a fleshy protuberance on its back, just in from the dorsal fin, which looks like a miniature rudder balanced on its head. Although this species can reach 50 pounds, tilefish are usually marketed at 4-8 pounds. Crabs and crustaceans are their favorite foods.

Tilefish is often compared to lobster in taste, and there are many who prefer it. The meat is very white, and stays moist after cooking.

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Scientific Terms and Additonal Information:

Family: Malacanthidae

Genus and Species: Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps

Description:The golden tilefish is the most colorful fish with a blue-green back that fades to a pearly white belly. It is touched with red and blue iridescence, highlighted by irregular yellow-gold spots and ocean-blue under the eyes. Combined with these colorful markings is the adipose flag or crest on the head.