Night Fishing

Deep Sea Night Fishing
Wednesday *** 5PM - 9PM

Back Bay Night Fishing
Monday *** 5PM - 8PM
Tuesday *** 5PM - 7PM
Thursday *** 5PM - 8PM
Friday *** 5PM - 7PM

All Equipment Included: Bait, Rods, & Tackle!

Atlantic at DuskTake advantage of special nighttime hours to target many agressive night-feeding fish. Some of the fish you may catch are Sea Bass, Blackfish, marauding Sharks, and many others. The main fish we find on the Night Fishing cruises are those big Bluefish that put up such a good fight.

Experience the beauty and tranquility of the Atlantic Ocean after dark while fishing for night feeding fish. When the sun goes down, the air cools even more, making for a comfortable trip on a hot summer night. Join us on the New Jersey Party Boat, The North Star, for a great Night Fishing experience.

Fishing at night can be very exciting. The feel of something pulling on your line, not yet knowing what it is, then reeling it in, anticipating the discovery of what is giving you such a good fight on the other end of the line. The darkness adds a certain ambiance to the trip. Come out after a hard day at work and enjoy a night of fishing!

We frequently catch big Blackfish on our Night Fishing Trips.

Bay Night Fishing

Sails 5:00PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Give our Bay Night Fishing trips a try. With the calm bay waters, you won't experience sea sickness. This is a family friendly fishing trip. Spend the night with your family fishing in the bay. There are plenty of fish to be had in the bay. This is a tranquil fishing trip you will be sure to enjoy.

Come fish with the New Jersey Party Boat that holds IGFA Records . Captain Tim knows where to go for good fishing. His New Jersey Party Boat, the North Star, is the premiere party boat in Ocean City and the surrounding areas. Book your Bay Night Fishing trip with the North Star.

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