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9/28 our fluke trip on the 28th was in my opinion disappointing we did catch fluke at most all the spots we went to, however there was no serious concentration of them in any particular area....we fished from 52ft out to 30miles in 130 feet with many drops in between and we honestly only had keeper sized fish in the deeper water 95ft+.....guys did catch and keep sea bass and some ended up with a mixed bag that included up to 16 keeper bass...biggest fluke of the day was 6lb and change

9/29 was by far the best day we have seen so far for the sea bass....all anglers had a decent share and we had a impressive group of 4 anglers a team of painters that i am pretty sure are barners (chime in if you like so i know your handle on the barn) i was told by my mate that he had filleted 92 sea bass for the group of 4....that that is by far the best anyone has done so far in the season....we have been having most guys catching between 10 and 20 bass and some mixed bag items as well

9/30 we had a tough day today....we had a decent start however we were still filtering through fish to find the keepers but the bite was solid once again....the tide was strong easterly and at about noon the tide really started boiling...from that point forward it was extremely difficult even 16oz of lead wasnt holding strong...we put our time in on the spots and a few guys had around a dozen fish but some were less...unfortunately with the conditions there was not much that i could do to bail us out of this jam!!




The summer fishing was great for 2012!! Fluke and Sea Bass were the primary target in the ocean fishing and got em! Lots of limits! Trigger fish were coming up a lot as well. Later into August we started getting Kingfish, Croaker and Weakfish. 

Going into the Fall: Fluke, Croaker, Porgy, Weakfish are all in the mixed bag. There will be a 10hr Fluke-A-Thon on Sept 28th 7a-5p for the last day of Fluke.

Once Sea Bass opens on the 23rd, we will be running a special 10hr 7a-5p for them and then we will resume 8hr fishing until Oct. 14. The regulations has our schedule a little scattered, so please check our fishing calendar in the tab to the left. We do have a few long range trips planned, not to mention the World Record Tog anniversary trip on 1/20/13, and are anticipating great fishing this season!!

Reservations are required for the special trips as they are limited seating. Please call or email with any questions or to make a reservation!

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Thank you and look forward to seeing a lot of familiar face this Fall and Winter!!





The Following reports are prior to 2011.

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2010 & Prior- We have now resumed our daily 8hour trips 8a-4p until June 20th. June 21st starts the half day fishing for our summer schedule. Reservations are not required but are suggested to assure availability. 609-391-8300


5/25- Although there was fog in the horizon, it didn't stop us from heading out for the sea bass! Stopped on a few pieces of bottom in 60-80ft, mixed results but with our 15 passengers, the keepers were adding up quick! captain Tim then took the North Star an additional 4mi offshore to some less fished pieces in 85ft. This was a great move! It was certain today that limits would be had after scouring a favorite "honey hole" of the Captain's, A few men indeed had their limits of Black Sea Bass. 

5/23- A full boat with sea bass on the mind again. Today we hot many spots inshore yielding fair results. High hook went to Paul Sigmunds with 19 keepers. 

5/22- Opening Day Sea Bass- A full boat on our special opening day. Captain Tim headed out about 2 hours to some offshore wrecks, 90-135ft. Action was slow out there, the more experienced anglers only had a few keepers, and some with nice Cod. The Captain started working his way back into near coastal waters fishing wrecks and bottoms between 55-80ft. The life was much better in those waters, plenty of small fish and ample amount of keepers coming aboard. The luckier anglers ended up with around 15-20 keeper sized fish.

5/22- A night-time small charter 6p-10p was hooked up for Tom Abruzzo for a bachelor party. Captain Tim used the daylight  as a chance to scout out more sea bass. Again, fished some inshore wrecks and had good results. The short trip yielded many keepers, and one of our mates aboard that was just out for fun, had 12 keepers, pretty good for 3hours!

 Hello Everyone! Up until today, 4/30/10, Tog has been great with limits on all trips up to 12lbs! Sadly, today is the closing of the Toggin season until July 16th. While we are anticipating the opening of Sea Bass, we will be doing 12hr offshore trips for Ling, Cod and Pollock 6a-6p Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. Reservations are required due to limited seating. In the meantime, we hope to see you out here. Call or email- 609.391.8300 /

4/24- Men of the Sea fishing club [Philly, PA] - Not the hottest of fishing days! Captain Tim tried every spot but with a rather tough storm approaching, we believe the fish were somewhat elusive. Very few keepers. 

4/24-PM- We had a bachelor party with Ben Philhower for a night trip and they had a few bites, 4 keeper Tog and mainly hit Blues.

4/25- Another bachelor party with Randy Shearer, The weather was still not great with the storm hanging by. Some rain and clouds and a rough inlet! Once out to the fishing grounds, nice calm waters but still not many bites. Handful of Tog, Snappers. This weekend was rather rough but all trips had a blast!!  

SEA BASS TRIPS - May 22 & 23rd are BOOKED! Taking reservations for May 24th. Call or email, 609-391-8300 // 

4/18- Beautiful Day and bountiful catches. Everyone limited on Tog! Catches to 12lbs 

4/17- 8hr- nice size Tog, 7-11lbs. Cod has been dwindling now that we are mostly inshore. Chared W and his group had nice catches of Tog, Vince A as well.  May 1-May 19th we will be having 12hr offshore trips for Cod Ling & Pollock, check out the fishing calendar.

Sunday 4/11- 10hr- OK conditions. Some limited on Tog, good sizes of Cod.  

Sunday 3/28/10- 10hr - Beautiful day, wind died down substantially as the sun rose. A better catch of Cod and Tog, names and sizes to come. Next trip is WEDNESDAY 3/31, call for reservations. 609-391-8300 or e-mail, April 3rd trip is booked, and we will not be setting out on Sunday due to Easter. Check our calendar for other trips. Happy Easter! 

Saturday 3/27/10- 10hr trip- Borderline weather did not make for great fishing. Tried to make the best of it and came out with some Cod and a handful of keeper Tog. THINK SPRING! 

Saturday 3/20/10- 12hr trip- AWSOME FISHING on a BEAUTIFUL day! Everyone landed Cod, nice poundage too, and near limits on Tog, 10-13lbs. Names to come. Water temps are starting to rise so we are starting the 10hr trips Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. As it gets warmer, we will do more days. Also still awaiting Sea Bass to open, when it does, we will resume 8 hour trips. 


 Starting off 2010 has been good for Tog/Blackfish & Cod. Most limits on Cod and a decent amount of Tog. Up until now, we have been doing 12 hour trips since it is too cold inshore. Starting March 21st, we will be doing 10 hour trips from 7a-5p until April 30th.To see our summer schedule, go to the Calender tab. As everyone else, we are hoping the Sea Bass will resume on April 5th as per the original ban for 6months. Who knows what will happen but as soon as we know, it will be on our site! As of right now, we know it will be June 1st. For that we will be having a 10 hour trip, 7a-5p to get a head start! If you would like to join our mailing list for Sea Bass openings as well as other events going on aboard the North Star, e-mail us at Hope to see you on deck!


The  summer of 2009 has been very good fishing! Thank you for a great season. We are now into our fall schedule of Blues and Stripers. Sea Bass has been shut down for 6 months, so our full focus is on the Stripers, Blues and Blackfish. Come fish with the North Star that is the only boat around with a side scanner to hunt down schools and wrecks like no other!! Our fall schedule is Friday-Monday 8a-2p. Reservations are required as we also book private charters. Call 609-391-8300 or e-mail to leave your name and number in your party for a reservations. We are also booking small and large private charters. Call for pricing!! Best around!! 




June & July 2009 have been well offshore for Sea Bass. They are still biting on our night fishing trips, Sunday and Wednesday from 6p-10p. In the back bay for Fluke, there has been a lot of action on them, not too many keepers. We are going daily from 9a-12p and 1p-4p in search of the Flukers.


David Ruiz June/13 had a nice turnout of Bass, high of 11 

Men of the Sea, Philly, had high hooks of 13, bass 3.9lbs






The month of August & September has been very plentiful for Croaker and Weakfish. Despite being blown out a few days, the fish were out in full force. Many anglers were loading their cars with full coolers. 

     We are looking forward to the upcoming months for Sea bass and Tog.   Captain Tim, a.k.a the Wreckfishing Specialist, is eager to get Fall season started and be in search of our NEXT IFGA World Record. Will you catch it?

Call for reservations for our 6 hour trips


Saturday October 4, We had a charter with James Holliday for 45 people with a high hook of 17 Sea Bass with catches up to 4.2lbs. The pool winner was Raphael Irving with a 18 1/2in Sea Bass. Also Blues with the  high catch for Bluefish was 16lbs. There was also still some Croaker and Weakfish inside in the early morning with fair results. Sea bass are here and the season has just begun!


Sunday October 5, On the open boat , no one left empty handed. Mostly all Sea Bass were caught and a few throwback Tog.

Charters are booking quick and we have have the best prices around!    Grab your buddies and get in on the action! Treat your employees to a fun day!


Saturday Oct 11, Men of the Sea Charter with 30 people produced fair results of 14 Porgies and 9 Bass. Everyone caught a few nice dinners! A lot of shorts for the Sea bass but plenty of action.

Sunday Oct 12, Open boat for the 6hr, nice results for everyone on board! high hook on the keeper Bass was 8 year old Thomas Becker! He had 5 keepers, very nice size. Porgies were more plentiful with high of 16. Our mate Raul Roldan also stepped off with a nice bucket of Porgy and Sea Bass. It was definitly a beautiful day for everyone to catch some fish!

We are going for Sea Bass, Porgy, Blackfish and Croaker&Weakfish. Stripers will be coming soon and Tog season will open up November 16th.


 Saturday Nov 1, John Henderson with the Evangelical Church charter turned out nice catches of Bluefish, Porgy and some Sea Bass. Waters were a little rough, but all the men made it off with heavy coolers.

 Nov 2-15th, We have pretty much been blown out. Been rather rough and not the best for fishing. On opening day Blackfish, it let up just a tad so we can get out there. Which brings us to our last Men of the Sea charter for 2008 and they ended it with, what else, but Tog!

Sunday, Nov 16, Men of the Sea charter for opening day Blackfish. Taking on some rather harsh winds and some cold splash of waves was nothing for these guys. All men got limits with a few various catches inbetween. Pool winner was Buddy with a 5 pounder.